Addictions Recovery

All of our Counseling services are provided by our Licensed Counseling Center – The Celebration Hope Center. We offer individual and group sessions for


The Celebration Hope Center staff, who specialize in working with children, see children four and up. They work with various issues, such as sexual trauma, anxiety, depression, grief , divorce adjustment, and behavioral problems. We have a play therapy room so that we can provide Child-Centered Play Therapy. In CCPT, children are able to resolve issues through play. We even have Qualified Filial Therapists who can basically train the parents to be able to work with their own children to resolve issues. Therapists train the parents to be the agents of change.  Then the parents can transition working with their children at the center to at home.

CHC staff also has been trained in various creative therapies that work well with children, such as Sand Tray Therapy. When children utilize sand trays, they are able to process issues at a deeper level due to developmental issues regarding language and art skills.

CHC staff has been trained to utilize Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for children who have been traumatized, especially sexual trauma. This model has the highest success rate of any model for helping children heal from the devastation of sexual trauma.

Finally, when CHC staff works with children, they encourage the parents to attend Triple P Positive Parenting classes and/or Scream-Free Parenting classes. CHC therapists will also do family work as they work individually with the children.


CHC staff work with adolescents struggling with multiple issues, such as sexual trauma, bullying, depression, anxiety, addictions, sexual identity, behavioral problems, and family problems. CHC staff use developmentally appropriate materials to build rapport with adolescents so that they can help adolescents resolve their issues. Many experiential and creative tools are used with adolescents, such as sand trays, art, video games, and music. CHC staff works with the parents and family as needed. Parents are encouraged to attend Triple P Positive Parenting individual or group sessions. CHC staff also uses Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with adolescents who have been sexually traumatized.


Adults can face all types of issues that can make life and relationships challenging. At CHC, therapists work with a myriad of issues with adults in individual, couple, family and group sessions. CHC staff help adults with depression, anxiety, grief, trauma recovery, sexual challenges, addictions, relationship challenges, and other issues that create havoc. CHC staff are trained in many evidence-based therapy models that assist in the healing journey for adults.  Therapists use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Emotionally-Focused Therapy, and many other models. We also provide integrated services for those who want their spirituality to be a part of their healing journey. Adults are able to work on many different issues at CHC at the same time by participating in one of the groups offered, such as anger management, marriage classes or parenting classes.

CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy) Groups –

The CBT Groups encompass three, stand-alone, 4-week psycho educational groups consisting of 8 to 10 group members, led by licensed therapists and student interns. Groups are helpful for several reasons:

  • Help you to learn skills to improve your mood and your negative thoughts
  • Provide you with support from others with similar issues.
  • Help you understand that you are not alone.
  • You will learn many ways to use the CBT skills to deal with issues and feel better.

CBT groups help participants explore ways to change unhealthy negative thoughts by coming to understand the underlying belief systems that perpetuate them.

Anger Management –

Anger is a normal human emotion that everyone experiences. Problems arise when it becomes too frequent, too intense, leads to violence, or last too long. Celebration Hope Center offers an ongoing 15-week psycho-education open group, developed to help individuals learn various skills to effectively manage stress, identify and change harmful thinking patterns, and appropriately express the emotion of anger.



Preparation Relationship Enhancement Program is the number one evidence-based marriage enhancement and divorce prevention program for couples. PREP is based on 30 years of research and helps couples learn the skills and principles associated with successful relationships. Because of that, PREP dedicates their resources to providing education for all individuals and couples who value the maintenance of successful, rewarding relationships with the people who matter in their lives.

Ultimately, when our relationships are healthy, we are more productive, more satisfied in all areas of life. CHC offers PREP as an 8 week/ 2 hour class to couples who want to improve an already healthy marriage or save a marriage in distress. Topics include:

  • Communication Danger Signs
  • Good Communication
  • Events, Issues, and Hidden Issues
  • Fun and Friendship
  • You, Me, and Us
  • Stress and Relaxation
  • Problem Solving
  • The Sensual/Sexual Relationship
  • Sharing Hearts
  • Supporting Each Other
  • Forgiveness
  • Ground Rules
  • Commitment
Prepare to Last

Prepare to Last is a class designed for couples who are planning to get married or newlyweds within the first or second year of marriage.   This ten week class covers topics such as: marital expectations, conflict resolution, communication skills, finance management, personality assessment, sexual and spiritual intimacy and other vital topics related to marriage. This class focuses on a healthy spiritual relationship that glorifies Christ.  The goal is for both personal growth and growth within each relationship.  Workbooks, videos, and face to face meeting help facilitate the key goals of this class.  Couples will attend class with other couples and then have weekly sessions with a counselor. Cost: $100 per couple (includes two workbooks, speaker/ listener card, personality assessment, DVD series given at the end of the class, and counseling sessions with a counseling intern).  Certificates will be presented to each couple upon satisfactory completion of the course requirements. Currently this class is held throughout the year at Celebration Church during their Collaborative Classes on Wednesdays at 6 pm. Call for more information.


Triple P Parenting

Teaches parents of toddlers to pre-teens practical skills to deal with social and behavioral issues with children

This powerful, evidence based, program has been developed to provide parents with helpful information about positive parenting.

The series consists of three (3) seminars, each one is 1-1/2  to 2 hours:

  • “The Power of Positive Parenting”
  • “Raising Confident, Competent Children”
  • “Raising Resilient Children”

The seminars teach and reinforce helpful skills to enable families to be more successful at parenting and overcoming obstacles. The seminar series also assists parents who have specific concerns about their child’s behavior by building awareness of other Triple P programs. The seminars are designed to be presented once a week for three weeks, and are offered at schools, churches, and other community venues.

Triple P Parenting for Adolescents

The Standard Teen Triple P is an intensive broad focused parenting support intervention that is offered individually to parents with teenagers up to 16 years old.  This Triple P course is suitable for parents concerned about their teenager’s behavior, or who desire to learn parenting skills to promote the development and potential of their child.

Teen Triple P is designed to be presented to parents in 7 to 10 individual sessions. A comprehensive workbook, loaded with helpful exercises, is used along with the weekly sessions. Teens are invited to participate in many of the sessions.

Scream Free Parenting

This class serves as a practical, effective guide for parents of all ages with kids of all ages. It introduces proven principles for overcoming the anxieties and stresses of parenting and setting new patterns of connection and cooperation. It is designed to help parents become calming authorities in their homes, bring peace to their families today, and give kids what they need to grow into caring, self-directed adults tomorrow.

Triple P Level 5-Pathways:

Triple P Pathways is designed to give parents skills to better cope with anger without taking it out on their children. It also identifies 5 parent traps that parents commonly fall into and how to prevent and escape them including: the Blowing Your Stack trap, the You’re Doing It On Purpose trap, the You Made Me Do It trap, the You’ll Never Change trap, and the It’s Not My Fault trap.

The Smart Step-Family Group

Celebration Hope Center desires to deliver resources that strengthen families. We believe that strong families add to the health and stability of our communities and provide an environment for children to grow up with safe and secure attachments that provide the foundation for healthy relationships and marriages in the future. We also seek to address the complexities of blended families that create a different set of family dynamics that challenge the skills of those new families. Our answer to those needs is The Smart Step-Family, an 8-session small group resource that will guide you to become a healthy stepfamily.

Why should I consider The Smart Step-Family Group?

  • Approximately one third (38%) of all weddings in America today form stepfamilies.
  • One third of individuals who got divorced in 2008 were re-divorcing, that is, divorcing again.
  •  Only about one third of stepfamily marriages last until death do them part (60% of second marriages and 73% of third marriages end in divorce)

“While general marriage education programs are helpful, they don’t address the specific issues that lead to the 60-70% divorce rate in step couple marriages.”

Ron Deal,  marriage and family author, speaker and therapist.

What will I learn?

  • How to identify parent-child-stepparent triangles
  • Ghosts from previous relationships
  • Financial considerations
  • Stepparent roles and authority matters
  • Children’s loss and loyalty issues
  • Co-parenting dilemmas between ex-spouses

Who should attend?

  • Anyone who is considering blending two family groups in marriage previously impacted by death or divorce.
  • Anyone who has already remarried and want to strengthen their blended family.

All of our 12-Step addiction recovery services are provided by our Licensed Counseling Center – The Celebration Hope Center.

The Addictions Program at Celebration HOPE Center is a unique combination of the best of Christian Faith and Best Practices in Professional Addiction Treatment.  There are three levels of care that make up a complete treatment program for those that suffer with the Disease of Addiction.

The first step is to call the office for a telephone screening.

The next step is the assessment.  A member of our addictions counseling team  will complete a BioPsychoSocial Assessment and then an Addiction Severity Index to determine a diagnosis and the appropriate level of care. We work from a team approach in our decision making.  This ensures the best decision regarding a client’s treatment recommendations as it involves our Medical Director, our LMFT, our Social Worker and our Addictions Counselors.

The third step is once the client is assigned to a counselor and a group, the client will meet with a counselor and develop a personalized plan for treatment that fits the client’s goals.

As each phase of the process is completed, the personalized plan will be evaluated for the level of success achieved as the recovery journey continues.

In the Celebration Hope Center’s  Addictions Program, we take every opportunity to celebrate a client’s success. We award certificates of completion at the successful end of each level of care and have a graduation party for those who take advantage of the entire program offered. It doesn’t end there.  Our Alumni Association is a way to continue to receive support, have some fun, and to become a contributor to the community.

The Addictions Program at Celebration Hope Center has developed a winning program for their clients.  If you or someone you love is struggling with drugs or alcohol, give us a call at 504-833-HOPE (4673).

  • IOP – Adults 18-80. 18 Sessions @ 3 times per week for 3 hrs each session, plus monthly UDS, and monthly Individual Session. Focus on stabilization. Day and evening times available.
  • OP – Adults 18-80. 18 Sessions @ 1 time per week for 3 hours each session, plus monthly UDS, and monthly Individual Session. Focus on Relapse Prevention. Day and evening times available
  • Continuing Care – Adults 18-80. 24 Sessions @ 1 time weekly for 1.5 hrs.  Focus on Maintaining Recovery. Evening times available.
Recovery Support Services:
  • For Families – Family Groups & Family Counseling
  • For the Public – Quarterly Addiction Education offerings to the Public
  • For Professionals  –  Educational offerings to Professionals on Addiction
  • For Program Graduates – Alumni Association for Graduates of the Program
  • For the legal system involved – DUI Classes (group) 
  • For other Addictions – Compulsive Gambling Counseling (individual)
  • Other services that support recovery – Transportation (free to those that qualify), Clinical Evaluations/Assessments, Recovery Bookstore, Urine Drug Screening
Individual Therapy
  • Family Members (of those still caught in the cycle of addiction)
  • Individual Counseling for addicts with other disorders (i.e., Trauma, depression)

All Addictions Program Staff are educated specific to the Disease of Addiction and are credentialed in Addictions by the Louisiana Addictive Disorders Regulatory Authority.

We offer a sliding fee scale, which makes our services very affordable.  Also, ask about our 50% discount program. Our services are always FREE to those who qualify.


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